Caron Dam

Rail enthusiasts will not want to miss the heritage listed Caron Coal Stage, bringing reminders of the golden age of steam locomotives.

Many thought the line should pass through the Rothsay Mining area, and against much opposition, it was built through the agricultural areas. The laying of the lines began in 1913. According to folklore the original name ‘Perangery’ was changed when it appeared as ‘Perenjori’ in a Government list of station names. Perenjori was officially announced a town on February 16th, 1916.

With a good natural catchment area, Caron later became the main railway centre because of the difficulty supplying adequate water. At that time there was much debate over why Perenjori was the major centre and not Caron. Follow the trail to the pump station and railway dam that is still covered by a massive corrugated iron roof. Here you can sometimes find orchids and bird life.

Caron Dam and Rail