Camel Soak

Camel Soak is a popular picnic destination with its natural beauty and tranquil scenery and makes for a relaxing and memorable outing. Camel Soak is located 47km east of Perenjori just off the Perenjori-Rothsay Road.  An interesting historical site, with fascinating rock formations, the beautiful pools of water attract native fauna, especially kangaroos and emus. Kids are first to spot the huge tadpoles and love exploring this amazing area. A wide selection of orchids can sometimes be found around the base of the rock (seasonally dependant).

Camel Soak 1

Camel Soak 2

The varied and tranquil scenery makes for a relaxing and memorable outing for visitors of all ages. Camel Soak is also equipped with BBQ facilities and an enviro toilet. This granite catchment, also known as “The Rock Hole” was sunk as a watering point for men and their camel teams working on the No 2 Rabbit Proof Fence from 1903 to 1905.

Camel Soak 3

While visiting Camel Soak or the many picturesque and historical sites east of Perenjori, the re-named “Vermin Proof Fence” it’s worth seeing to fully appreciate the enormous task it would have been to build it in those days. Undertaken in 1901 (running north and south) the Rabbit Proof Fence was built to combat the devastation caused by rabbits to crops and pastureland.

Lindsay Cole